Frequently Asked Questions

Why shoud I use MarketingFirst app?

MarketingFirst app allows Shopify store owners to collect more emails using easily designed pop ups. You can grow your subscriber list and sales significantly.

Unlike some other apps that build cumbersome and error-prone popups, pop-ups and banners built by MarketingFirst app are extremely small (less than 25KB in total), which results in faster loading of your store and better customer experience.

Will MarketingFirst app pop ups negatively impact my Shopify store?

Our pop ups are extremely small (less than 25KB in total) and are loaded asynchronously, that is it will not be loaded after your store contents have been loaded. So it will not impact your store’s loading time.

Our pop ups use javascript that’s not readable by any bots. Google bots will not index the javascripts and your SEO results will not be negatively impacted.

My pop up doesn’t display?

  • Check your display rules. Check if pop up can be displayed once. If so, pop up will stop showing up unless you clear browser’s cookie.
  • Check if your countries and carts rules. If you specify pop ups are only available in certain countries, visitors from other areas will not see the pop up.

Do I have to do any steps for proper Shopify app uninstallation?

No. After uninstallation, all pop ups you created through MarketingFirst app will be removed from your Shopify store. Your store will be the same as the state before using MarketingFirst app.